Change of Ownership (2018-20)
This project aims to bring the paintings of Wild West artist Frederic Remington (1861-1909)
into the context of contemporary art, utilizing computational and digital replication technologies
to create alternate, abstract compositions, built from the visual content and painted texture of
the original work. The project title is taken from the 1903 Remington painting
“Change of Ownership (The Stampede; Horse Thieves)”.
Born out of a personal relationship with Remington’s work (my grandfather was a cattle rancher who had several Remington works displayed prominently in his ancestral Oklahoma homestead), these pieces also explore the juxtaposition of Remington’s artistic life and my own, as he was of French heritage and went West to make work, and I am from the American West, and lived and worked in Paris, France while conceptualizing and creating these pieces. 
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